Vee-tah Loo-nah Cafe
Translates to the Crazy Life or Life by the Moon Cafe…
Take your pick.

A coffee bar aimed at supporting local industries, helping the masses, building a community, and providing delicious drinks in a unique and reasonably priced way.

Our Mission:
Vita Luna was founded in 2015 with one idea in mind, community! A community that supports the local arts and music, is vast in its demographic, enjoys a fresh and organic treat, a cup of coffee that takes time, and is made for each individual personally. We strive for a community that wants something new, unique, and ever changing, to grow together, to work together, and to drink together.Our overall goal will be to transform this small table concept to our very own stand alone shop.

Our Coffee and Tea is all local, we change roasters/regions and teas as often as possible. Check out our Locals Link for any of their info.

We try our hardest to ensure we are as organic and environmentally sustainable as possible. With consistent recycling, water conservation, use of less disposable goods and a constant knowledge of where our products are coming from, we pledge to keep a consistent high standard.

We donate our left overs to several different organizations for all those in need, we also strive to donate to an organization from our proceeds from each event. We are a name your price shop, we believe that everyone should have the chance for a good cup of coffee.

We compost most of our waste and ensure we re-use what we can.

We make all that we can from scratch and never use artificial sweeteners or genetically mortified organisms. Our coffee is fair trade, USDA and Rain forest certified. We choose our coffees to suit their brewing methods best everyday.

Vita Luna wants to start a new era so come out and check it out for yourself!