$3-5 Suggested price for all drinks.

Coffee & Tea:

We carry a rotating selection of single origin locally roasted coffee as:

Cold Brew
Areo Press LattesPour Over
em>Daily Brew

If Coffee is not your cup of tea, then try our rotating teas:
Loose leaf, Organic, and Local

Re-Steep it twice for no extra charge on all hot tea.

We also chill steep a specialty tea for every event

Event Features…
Each event may have a Barista’s choice of any of the following drinks.

Turkish 10oz (Finely ground and boiled coffee with spices).
Vietnamese 8oz (Coffee w/ our house Sweetened Condensed Milk)
Café Con Meil ( Coffee w/ Honey, Vanilla, and Spices)
Norwegian Egg Coffee  (A Norwegian based drink using an egg in the brewing method)
Butter Coffee (Grass-fed butter pressed with coffee and blended)
Pour Over Infusions (Coffee brewed with products to bring out their natural flavors)

Home Made Milk Selection: Almond, Coconut
Organic Dairy Selection: Skim, Whole

We also can carry Fresh Squeezed juice & Hot Coco!


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