Vita Luna was founded in 2014 with one idea in mind, community! A community that supports the local arts and music, a community that is vast in its demographic, A community that enjoys a freshly baked treat, a cup of coffee that takes time and is made for each individual personally, and a community that wants something new, unique, and ever changing, to grow together, to eat together, and to drink together.

Our Coffee, Tea, Beer, and Wine are local, check out our Locals Link for their info. The art on our walls and the entertainment in our venue is local as well. We have local showcases of solo artists, Comedians, Movies, and other various fields of entertainment.

We try our hardest to ensure we are as organic and environmentally friendly as possible. With consistent recycling, water conservation, use of less disposable goods and a constant knowledge of where our products are coming from, we pledge to keep a constant high standard.

We donate our left over snacks to Food not Bombs and have a donation box within our cafe to help.

We have our own Grounds garden where we plant herbs and spices using primarily the left over grounds of coffee we refuse to waste.

We make all that we can from scratch and never use artificial sweeteners or Genetically mortified organisms.

All Products we believe are fairly priced and adjusted with the tax so the price you see is the one you pay. We are also glad to be a part of the suspended coffee program. Ask a barista for details.

Vita Luna Wants to start a new Era so come down and check it out for yourself.


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