Cold Brew at home

This will make a gallon of Cold Brew, you can divide a recipe in half for a half gallon but we drink it so fast a gallon is necessary. We do 1 gallon of water to a 12 ounce bag of coffee, this is about an 11:1 oz ratio for anyone who might want to shrink the recipe down even more.

You’ll need:
A Scale
2 six Quart containers
1 Gallon Filtered water(room temperature)
A Spoon
12 oz of freshly roasted Coffee(within a week)
Burr Mill Grinder
Mesh strainer

First you want to weigh out 12 oz of coffee, typically coffee comes in a 12oz bag, but if not go ahead and weigh it out. Next you want to grind the coffee extra coarse using a Burr Mill grinder, you don’t want to use a blade grinder; it will leave your beans inconsistent. Put the now ground coffee at the bottom of the 6 quart container and begin to slowly add the filtered water just enough to  cover the grinds. If you don’t happen to have a gallon container lying around its 4 quarts/16cups/~8pounds.

Allow the coffee to bloom, you will begin to see a creme develop on top. Move the coffee grounds around with the spoon to evenly distribute the water. Let the water and grinds sit for about 5 minutes to let the coffee de-gas. Slowly add the rest of the water while using the spoon to keep the grinds from just sitting on the bottom of the container. Finally cover the container with enough room for the coffee to breathe, it may still be de-gassing so you wouldn’t want the container to be air tight. Refrigerate; some may suggest to leave it out at room temperature but this is still a plant so I’d prefer it be kept below room temperature.

Allow the coffee to steep from anywhere between 8 and 18 hours, any longer and the coffee may become bitter. Use your second container and pour the coffee through the mesh strainer to remove the grinds. At this point your coffee will be cloudy and some sediment may be sitting at the bottom. Some people suggest pouring the coffee through two fresh wet towels or pouring the coffee painstakingly through paper coffee filters that you have to watch and wait on, using multiple filters. I personally suggest Cornucopia cold brew bags, but if your doing this with just your tools at home then the coffee filters is probably your best bet; just make sure your changing the filter after each pour, it gets clogged easily and becomes ineffective. Once you have filtered the coffee into your now cleaned, original 6 quart container, portion your cold brew into the pitcher(s) of your choosing, pour over ice and enjoy! The cold brew now, should be kept air tight, refrigerated, and will hold for up to 5 days with maximum flavor, that’s if it can even last that long.

Feel free to experiment, some suggest hot blooming first, others swear by a finer grind; just enjoy the coffee and share with friends.